The Laws Were Effective: The Churches

The Churches No Longer Oppose Slavery and Adopt Oral Instruction of Slaves

4/24/20231 min read

C.G. Woodson on the subject:

“[S]outhern churches . . . withdrew most of their objections to the system [of slavery] and, of course, did not find it difficult to abandon the idea of teaching Negroes to read.” “To a civilized man the result was alarming.

The Church as an institution had ceased to be the means by which the Negroes of the South could be enlightened.

The Sabbath-schools in which so many colored people there had learned to read and write had by 1834 restricted their work to oral instruction.

In places where the blacks once had the privilege of getting an elementary education, only an inconceivable fraction of them could rise above illiteracy. Most of these were freedmen found in towns and cities.”