Raboteau on Hypocritical Slaveholders Amidst the Mission to Slaves

"Religious" Slaveowners Often Noted for Cruelty

4/25/20231 min read

“Incidents of Christian slaveholders, including clergymen, brutalizing their slaves abound in the narratives of former slaves. Susan Boggs, ex-slave from Virginia, for example, recalled, ‘the man that baptized me had a colored woman tied up in his yard to whip when he got home, that very Sunday and her mother belonged to that same church. We had to sit and hear him preach and her mother was in church hearing him preach.’ She concluded, ‘I didn't see any difference between the slaveholders who had religion and those who had not . . . ' Similar examples of the cruelty of pious slave masters could be multiplied indefinitely. The blatant hypocrisy of white Christians was a fact of life to slaves, a fact undoubtedly discussed and deplored in the quarters.”